Retaining Wall Design

Icon Walls provides the entire suite of services needed to construct the perfect wall for commercial and residential properties. With over 15 years’ experience inconcrete sleeper retaining wall design and supply, we have the know-how for every step of the building procedure – making the whole process smooth and easy! For advice on constructing retaining walls with sleepers, contact us today for a quote.

Our services include:

  1. On site consultancy.
  2. Soil testing.
  3. Site plans (if needed).
  4. Site engineering (concrete retaining-wall design).
  5. Full supply of materials.

These services meet a range of requirements from local councils and for safety standards, as outlined following.


The first step in any construction project is to check with the local authority to see if planning approval is required. Requirements vary between authorities and are usually related to wall height and drainage. We can consult with local authorities on your behalf.

Site Plans

Local authorities may require drawings of the site plan, including structural details. They may also require proof of the consultant’s design certification. We have qualified consultants who specialise in concrete retaining wall design, with detailed knowledge of council requirements.

The following parameters influence the design of the retaining wall:

  1. Wall height.
  2. Soil type.
  3. Sloping land below and/or above the retaining wall.
  4. Loads above and behind the retaining wall, eg parked cars.

Structural engineering & on site consultancy

With the exception of low-rise garden walls (up to 600mm), engineering advice is necessary. One of the major engineering considerations is drainage. Water must not be allowed to build up behind the walls, which are designed to take pressure from soil which is much lower than the hydrostatic pressure exerted by water. Our structural engineers and on-site consultants ensure that all retaining walls are built correctly and to the highest safety standards.

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