Our quartz grey concrete sleepers have a rough surface, just like the mineral they are named for. The bring texture as well as colour to your retaining wall, and make your walls a point of interest.An attractive light grey, these concrete sleepers contain and structure your garden without overwhelming it. Meanwhile the light colour and rough surface provide a great background for feature plants so your retaining walls can be a part of your garden’s unique look as well as its construction.

You can use our concrete sleepers to build a retaining wall of up to 4.6 metres. Walls can be constructed from our standard sizes of 2 metres and 2.4 metres, or we can make them to your particular requirements. Concrete sleepers are an excellent choice for your garden retaining wall if you want a durable material that doesn’t need a lot of looking after: weather and bug resistant, concrete sleepers last and last. They are a stylish and practical solution for your garden landscaping project.

If you would like more details on specifications, visit our engineering page. We also have other colours available in our range – go to our products page to take a look.

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