When you need a gravity retaining wall erected quickly and affordably, consider a concrete crib wall from Melbourne’s own Icon Walls. One of the simplest and most cost-effective retaining walls, these projects are built from pre-cast logs of concrete stacked perpendicularly. This forms a hollow that is then filled with a combination of backfill and free draining material allowing water to escape. This protects the walls integrity against hydrostatic pressure.

Our professional team can quickly and easily deliver a light, flexible and versatile construction that will effectively hold back earth. We have built crib walls for driveways, building sites and garden areas, but are happy to discuss any project where you think a crib wall could be beneficial.


The team at Icon Walls can make your next project easy. There are a number of benefits to contracting us to install a concrete crib wall

1. Stability and safety where you need it most
Icon Walls’ open web construction method and insistent usage of free draining materials as a filler counters two of the most common causes of failure in other retaining walls. The open web construction allows errant tree roots to grow into the structure without causing immediate structural damage and the draining material prevents hydrostatic pressure from building up.

2. Fast, easy and low-cost construction
There are no expensive labour costs or foundation excavation involved in a concrete crib wall – as few as two people can handle each component and the building process does not require high skill levels.
Minimising construction time and building from standard, pre-cast materials ensures low total overheads. Ongoing our walls require little maintenance and can be dismantled, moved and reassembled easily meaning they stay cost-effective for their entire lifespan.

3. The wall that goes where you want it to
An Icon Wall crib wall doesn’t have to be constructed in straight lines. We can help design a wall that follows gentle slopes, curves and can even traverse undulating terrain or be laid around corners.
The lack of permanent connection between logs means construction can be halted or carried out in stages at the convenience of the project manager.

4. The wall for any project of any size
With four header sizes, we can build the wall to the size you need it to be. Don’t let the materials dictate your project; our crib walls can be built as high as 20m ensuring even the largest projects are catered for.

5. Safety that complements your project in every way
The open spaces of the wall face can filled with flowers, shrubs or creepers allowing it to blend into the surrounding environment.

6. Independently tested and recommended
The Queensland University of Technology has evaluated and tested the performance of concrete crib wall systems and components and found them satisfactory. The report is available upon request.
Invest in a concrete crib wall from Icon Walls for your next project, large or small. We are an industry leader in the construction of retaining walls. Contact our Dandenong office and let us impress you with the affordability and quality of our work.

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