Landscape Retaining Wall

Landscaping retaining walls are endlessly useful in outdoor spaces, whether the area concerned is sloping or flat. At Icon Walls, we constantly have clients coming to us with innovative and attractive ways to use retaining walls in their private and public outdoor spaces.

Below are just some of the ways in which you can use retaining wall systems in Australia to improve your residential or commercial garden.

Stabilise a steeply sloping section

As the name suggests, a landscape retaining wall is often used to retain a bank or slope that threatens to crumble or collapse, damaging life or property. Our concrete sleepers are ideal for this application, as they will maintain their shape and structure in the face of wet weather and termite infestations. At the centre of the retaining wall is steel, to keep the concrete sleepers in place.

Increase the planting space of a slope

Gardening on a slope can be difficult, both in finding plants that suit the terrain and in maintaining the soil structure. Concrete and steel retaining wall systems can terrace the sloped area, creating plenty of flat surfaces for plants, as well as improving both drainage and water retention.

Create raised beds and gardens

A flat space can often make an uninteresting garden. Raised beds can insert interest into a garden, creating different levels for the eye to follow and raising special plants up to be admired. With Icon Walls’ range of sleepers, it’s easy to create raised beds – in fact, walls of under 600mm can be installed without council consent.

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