Engineering & Retaining Wall Construction

To assist with swift council approval and commencement of your sleeper retaining wall construction, Icon Walls offers detailed, personalised engineering plans.

Our drawings detail every aspect of your proposed wall, from the foundations through to the finish on the stone. All of the construction details are laid out for the installer to ensure the wall has the desired look upon completion and is wholly secure and safe. These also include instructions on any construction work that may take place around the wall in future, to ensure its structure lasts for as long as the concrete sleepers.
With more than 30 years experience, Icon Walls can offer you the very best in sleeper retaining wall construction.

To find out more about any of the products or services Icon Walls offers, please get in touch via 03 9706 4779 or 0438 697 309.

Typical Sleeper Retaining Wall Detail

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