Melbourne's Perfect Retaining Walls

Icon Walls offers a range of precast concrete sleeper retaining walls for homes, businesses and public works throughout Victoria. We manufacture our sleepers right here in Melbourne for use throughout the Garden State.

Our engineered concrete sleeper retaining walls look great. Hard landscaping really does provide the necessary bones for a beautiful garden to be built on. We can work with your landscape designer or off their plans, to ensure our walls complement your garden design. A sleeper retaining wall can hold back a threatening bank, create more flat, viable growing space on steeply sloping land, or provide a raised bed to better display beloved plants – the possibilities are endless.

Concrete sleeper walls offer many benefits over the other materials. Unlike timber, they are not susceptible to the ravages of damp and termites, and unlike bricks, their mortar won’t rot and crumble with time. These engineered walls also make for a suitable option for civil applications that require durable structures that our team can have authorised by the council. A solid wall made of concrete sleepers will last you a lifetime.

Previously, our Melbourne team worked with timber sleepers and were disappointed time and time again when we returned to previous job sites to find that water or bugs had taken their toll and destroyed our hard work, marring the beauty of the garden. This is why we use and promote retaining walls made of concrete – they provide a much longer service.

To ensure you get as much use from your wall as possible, we offer resurfacing, professional design and engineering services through our in-house experts and trusted sub-contractors. We ensure your concrete sleeper wall is built on solid foundations to avoid any dangerous tilting or collapsing.

To get started with your new sleeper retaining wall, browse through our products or call us directly on 0438 697 309. Our friendly team in Melbourne will be more than happy to listen to your landscaping plans and suggest the best concrete wall products to suit.

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