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Builder’s Film

Builder’s Film used as underlay during retaining wall installation....

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Agi Pipes

Agricultural pipes are placed behind retaining walls to help with water drainage. We sell light weight pipes for easy handling and installation. They’re flexible but tough and corrosion resistant. They come in: 100MM 100M 100Mm 20M 65MM 200M 65MM 20M and are all fitted with socks....

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Formatube for preventing ground collapse, especially in sandy environment, during digging. Available in 450mm and 600mm diameter, both 3M long....

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Line Marking Paint

Spray paint for marking certain points or segments in the site during installation....

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Sleeper Grab

350kg max lifting load “Patent Pending” Fully engineered and designed for lifting concrete sleepers and block walls Certificate number NAS4599 Max opening of the sleeper grab is 140mm wide Operation The device is to be connected to the lifting equipment via certified lifting cables or st...

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